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ti&m stands for technology, innovation & management. We are leader for digitalization, security and innovation projects and products in Switzerland and we are striving to do the same in other financial and technology centres. We offer our discerning clients vertical integration throughout the IT value chain. At our offices in Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Singapore, we currently employ over 380 outstanding engineers, designers, and consultants. And further offices in Europe will follow. The basis of our growth lies in our strengths and values: courage, a wealth of ideas, agility, and entrepreneurial flair, coupled with sustainability and Swissness.


talents, consultants, analysts, UX/UI designers, and system and software engineers.

No. 1

in Switzerland
for digitalization, security, and innovation projects and products.


Vertical integration
along the entire IT value creation chain.


Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Singapore. More offices to come. 


Growth per year
thanks to our entrepreneurial courage, wealth of ideas, agility, and sustainability.

Top 10

of the largest owner-managed Swiss IT companies
founded in 2005 and 100% owner-managed since then.


The foundation for our growth lies in our strengths: a wealth of ideas, agility, technical excellence, and entrepreneurial flair, coupled with ‘Swissness’ and sustainability.

Thomas Wüst - CEO ti&m

management team

Our values

A strong team, minimal hierarchies

At ti&m, we thrive on active participation, diversity, mutual growth, and a working environment where everyone is on an equal footing. It’s skills and ideas that count, not hierarchies. This allows us to deliver robust services for our clients and establish ourselves as an agile change-and-innovation company.

Liquid Working, ti&m, Arbeitszeitmodell, Innovation, Work Life Ballance
Liquid Working

The work-life balance of our employees is important to us. Therefore, we have introduced the Liquid Working model. This allows our employees to reduce or increase workloads to 80% by end of month. In addition, new mothers have a re-entry guarantee for up to 2 years after birth. Furthermore, we make unpaid holidays possible at any time and we even continue to pay personal insurance up to 7 months. Find out more about Liquid Working here.

Investing in our future

Supporting young talent is firmly embedded in our values, as are sustainability and our belief in the future. Our hack an app project week and our Future Day aim to show children and young people how exciting and diverse IT can be. Today, hack an app is an established vocational development program that inspires schools and pupils alike.

Joy in a holistic product

ti&m has decided to vertically integrate all processes. Bucking the trend for offshoring, ti&m remains consciously committed to Swissness and proximity to our clients. This is the only way to produce innovations. We continue to deliver innovative software solutions and products in Switzerland for our clients in Europe. We have local bases throughout Europe with our offices in Zurich, Bern, and Frankfurt.

Speed and Innovation

Technical and strategic courses of action are not open to many established businesses due to a status quo that suppresses everything new. ti&m’s unique combination of knowledge, methodologies, and culture creates the necessary space to drive the Agile realization of ideas. In order to bring our clients up to the critical speed, we reduce everything to what is essential and relevant to success, create the necessary space for innovation projects, and deploy our interdisciplinary talent.


Water, wind, and waves – when you’re surfing, you will only be successful if you can handle the unexpected with agility and still reach your goal. shake the lake is a symbol for talent-focused IT, where you get wet every once in a while but still always reach the shore.

Art as a source of innovation

Artists develop ideas from within themselves. You throw yourself with passionate abandon into projects with ti&m. art@work overcomes mental barriers and opens our – admittedly rather detail-oriented – engineers’ eyes to new ideas.


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