Attentive listeners at a Breakfast News.

Breakfast news

Informative Presentations on Digitization Topics

Current IT topics discussed in the context of digitalization – this is the essence of ti&m breakfast news. The event series offers participants the opportunity to exchange ideas about different subjects related to digitalization and IT security in a relaxed breakfast atmosphere. After various expert talks on current issues, projects, and trends, you can raise your own questions in moderated discussions and then make important contacts in a networking session. 

We welcome three speakers to each breakfast news event. They tell us about successful projects in banking and insurance, or they inspire us to sketch out and implement new innovations.


Every year, an average of seven breakfast news events are held at three locations, covering a range of digitalization topics. We can always look forward to exciting and inspiring discussions about new digitalization solutions. 


Around 80 people on average attend our breakfast events. At seven events per year, that means this event series results in an annual consumption of over 560 croissants. 


Get a taste of our breakfast news. 

Boris Lukic
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