ti&m special: End-to-End Digital Transformation

End-to-End – Digital Transformation

In the current ti&m special, we focus on the success factors for a successful digital transformation. Starting with strategy, digitization technologies, the role of the cloud, and questions of corporate culture, all aspects are covered. The ti&m special is therefore also the ideal guide for your path to digital transformation.

Some ti&m special articles

Innovation from the ti&m garage: the Hydrant Finder App

Innovation // Where is innovation in its element? At ti&m, that would be in the ti&m garage. Developing the firefighting app in partnership with GVZ, a building insurance firm in the canton of Zurich, was an exciting experience for both parties.

Vasco Avanzini, GVZ Gebäudeversicherung Kanton Zürich
Andreas Abgottspon, ti&m

VZ-Fipo 3-0 Mockup Kachel 1000x800px
VZ finance portal — more than just e-banking

e-banking // VZ has always scored top marks for its huge innovative capacity. One key reason for this is our openness towards third-party solutions. So in order to digitalize our ideas and re-launch our successful VZ finance portal, we decided to team up with ti&m.

Marc Weber, VZ Depotbank AG

Successful digitalization requires holistic strategies: Consulting @ti&m

Consulting // Digitalization is a comprehensive subject and must be addressed accordingly — that’s a truth that everyone is aware of. A digitalization strategy, therefore, must encompass all areas of a company area. For consultancy firms like ti&m, long-term success thus demands more than “just” supplying innovative technologies.

Dr. Holger Rommel, ti&m

How can you help your employees and your business with a plan for Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong Learning // Lifelong learning isn’t just for individuals. Companies too need to dig much deeper into this area to ensure that their employees are fit for digital transformation. We show you three success factors that demonstrate how it can work.

Patrick Warnking, Google Switzerland

Panel discussion: How Swiss banks master digitalization

Digitalization // Digitalization is also an opportunity for small and medium banks. In this interview, Bruno Thürig, CEO of OKB, and Patrik Gallati, corporate management division manager at GLKB, reveal how banks can hold their own against the big tech firms.

Bruno Thürig, OKB & Patrik Gallati, GLKB

“Expanding our digital infrastructure must be the utmost priority”

Infrastructure // As an umbrella organization, digitalswitzerland represents over 220 companies whose mission is to position Switzerland as a leading digital hub worldwide. And Switzerland is already well on its way. We spoke to Nicolas Bürer, managing director of digitalswitzerland, about the weak spots, and his tips for a successful digital transformation.

Nicolas Bürer, digitalswitzerland

ti&m special consulting

Dr. Holger Rommel
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