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Developed for your digitalization strategy

Digitalize your sales advice and customer relationships, and keep them secure – ti&m products enable you to digitalize your business and introduce omnichannel commerce in B2B, B2C, and B2E quickly, securely, and with maximum agility.

We integrate the entire IT value chain

Our vertically integrated offering ranges from consultation to innovation solution hosting, allowing us to offer our clients unbeatable time-to-market combined with Swiss quality.

For your digitalization strategy in banking, insurance, the public sector, and transportation

Digital Design

We design fun and functional digital user experiences.

Agile projects

The fast and easy way to reach your goals with Agile development and vertical integration.


Digital customer relationships and security across all channels.

Innovation hosting

We ensure the reliable operation of your innovation solutions

ti&m Garage

From idea to MVP – our garage is the innovation laboratory.

Employees of ti&m at a garage with motorbike and board.

Some legends start in a garage

Small, motivated teams move into the garage, discuss until their heads smoke, model and visualize the findings on the wall and try them out. The result is a functional MVP in only 3 to 12 weeks.

Our competences

We do not provide innovative projects off the shelf. We develop their unique design for you holistically, applying Agile methods. Using design thinking approaches to develop a shared understanding of the solution, and iteratively and incrementally testing them, refining them, and finally realizing them directly as a team of business experts, designers, and software developers – this is our vision of how to achieve innovation. Learn more about our employees’ skills and expertise.

Agility and innovation are the prerequisites for long-term success in the market. Our consulting secures your competitiveness by increasing your decision-making competence in business and IT.

  • Digitalization
  • Technology
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Transition
Zu unseren Kompetenzen gehört Consulting.


Meet the challenge of digitalization by modernizing and transforming your business model. We provide you with comprehensive and practical support, from your digital road map to strategy development and on to the rollout. Our tools for success: 360-degree analysis of potential and processes, omnichannel and social business strategies, requirements engineering, Agile project implementation, reviews and project management combined with the development of new, disruptive business models.


We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions for innovative projects. We create them specifically for you using a holistic approach. The technologies and architectures used are client- and needs-driven, and we define and implement the best solution in each case together with the client. Our experts are native speakers of Java/EE, .NET, HTML5, responsive design, SAML, REST, JAXB, Scrum, Scala, Android, Swift, and many other programming languages.


Bank customers are living in an increasingly digital world, and their desire for digital services shows no sign of stopping. Customers want to decide for themselves when and where they can use banking services. This means banks need a clear business strategy, and they must expand traditional business channels in response to the digital world. We support financial service providers at every step along the way, helping them realize their vision of becoming a digital company.


The digitalization of customer relationships is also changing the insurance industry. This doesn’t mean personal insurance consultants are no longer needed, far from it; it means their traditional business channels need to be supplemented with additional channels in the digital world. Our experienced consultants have extensive experience in the sector and are ready, willing, and able to help you overcome this challenge.


Based on our experience in projects and consulting, we have developed consultation and transformation methods that we apply to our clients’ organizations with great success. This means, first, implementing an Agile transformation by conducting training and certification sessions, rolling out the latest architectures, managing risks, and defining metrics, among other processes. It also means implementing Agile coaching and testing, which includes introducing Scrum and certified Scrum experts, establishing an Agile requirements and release management system, integrating UX design processes, and testing with embedded sprint testing.


Innovations through emotions, creativity and simplicity - We offer conception, design and consulting for an excellent user experience of your digitisation projects.

  • UI-Design
  • UX-Design
  • Design thinking
ti&m ist stark in Design.


The task of user interface design (UI) is to make interaction with the user as easy and efficient as possible. This includes judicious use of typography, colors, shapes, and animations. When designing user interfaces, equal consideration is given to seamless display on all devices (responsive design) and to accessibility.


User experience design (UX) places the user experience at the center: Is the product useful and easy to use, and does it meet the aesthetic requirements? We analyze the user group and its needs, using methods such as personas, empathy maps, or screen flows to generate tangible results. Solutions are then developed iteratively and validated with prototypes tested on the target group.

Design thinking

Design thinking is the method for developing custom software solutions for a specific target group. Find the right problem and develop the appropriate solution, by working through the specific phases of this process: empathize (understand the users and the user environment) – define (identify the right problem) – ideate (generate widely different solutions) – prototype (develop the best ideas based on real prototypes) – test (get feedback from users).

Agile implementation

Agility means speed, slimness and responsiveness in a complex world. Our Agile Consulting team will gladly help you to become even more successful so that you can benefit from the advantages of an agile approach.

  • Scrum/Kanban
  • Agile scaling
  • Agile transformation
Agilität gehört zu unseren Kompetenzen.


The most prominent frameworks used in Agile approaches are Scrum and Kanban, which are based on the realization that software projects are often too complex and too unpredictable to be mapped out in advance in their entirety. These approaches use frequent and early feedback and regular interim results so that the right corrections can be made at an early stage. The benefits: shorter product launch times, better quality, and reduced risks. To fully harness the benefits of Agile frameworks, it is vital to understand the underlying principles and Agile mechanics. Our Agile coaches can help you deepen your understanding and bring your projects to a successful conclusion.

Agile scaling

Scrum is optimized for use in individual Agile teams, and in its original form, it does not provide a ready solution for its use in large organizations. To fill this need, several approaches have been developed to scale Agile methods. These allow projects with more than five teams to benefit from the many advantages, such as fast time-to-market, high customer satisfaction, and quick response to changes. Our coaches will actively support you in selecting and implementing the appropriate framework, whether this is SAFe, LeSS, or Disciplined Agile.

Agile transformation

Agile frameworks are prized for their simplicity and effectiveness. But what does it take for an organization to complete this transformation? It requires a paradigm shift, one that has far-reaching consequences for the company’s structural organization and processes. Challenges have to be overcome, from the redistribution of roles and skills, and the commitment of management, to the interrelationship between self-organization and self-management. With our experienced coaches, we help you to establish the Agile mindset in all levels of your  organization, from entry-level employees to the C level ideally from the bottom up and from the top down simultaneously.


The best projects create trust through transparency, emotions through creativity and quality through professionalism. This is how we understand and live the development of your software. We are over 200 highly qualified software developers, who are 100% regionally deployed, together have the expertise of more than 1,800 successfully built applications.

  • Web- and Mobile-Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • IoT Solutions
Unsere Kompetenz: Engineering.

Web- and Mobile-Applications

For over 10 years, our clients have entrusted us with their most important assets: their own customers, business partners, and employees. We are the leading Swiss provider for digitalization on all channels, from back to front, and back again. Whether it’s a mobile application, a web app, or both: our mission is to engage and enthrall your customers. To this end, we consistently rely on leading-edge technologies and provide the right answer for every challenge. Over 200 developers with expertise in Angular, React, Swift, Java, .NET, and many other areas prove this on a daily basis.

Enterprise Applications

ti&m is Switzerland’s leading service provider for the digitalization of customer relationships and customer processes. Our formula for success is based on consistently providing all the required skills from a single source: from the front end to scalable and extensible integration and enterprise architectures (microservices, SOA, EAI, ESB), through to the seamless connection of core applications (CRM, analytics, big data, DMS, CMS, etc.). For us, DevOps is not just a buzzword; it’s part of our DNA.

IoT Solutions

We are firm believers that many B2C and B2B processes can only be fully and efficiently digitalized if all dimensions of the business processes are also included. To achieve this, not only do we build intelligent software, but we also expand the connectivity of things products, transporters, and sales or storage spaces – as needed. Let us develop creative and mind-blowing solutions for you with design thinking, and then our software and hardware specialists will implement them as prototypes in a matter of weeks.


We combine agility with Swiss quality, security and efficiency into a full service package for our customers and are therefore able to design entire business processes and operate them as an accompanying outsourcing partner.

  • Innovation Hosting and SaaS
  • Application Management
  • Devops and Cloud
  • IT infrastructure / architecture and system engineering
Zu den Kompetenzen der ti&m gehört Hosting.

Innovation Hosting and SaaS

Vertical integration as a Swiss software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, we operate two state-of-the-art data centers and meet the highest standards of security and high availability. Our solutions are FINMA-compliant and PCI DSS-certified. We collaborate with our global technology partners to create innovative solutions.

Application Management

We maintain a perfect balance between process and agility to ensure continual growth in innovations. By combining development and operations, we provide an optimal application with optimal maintenance. We monitor the application 24/7 and continue to improve and develop it according to the client’s needs.

Devops and Cloud

Our DevOps closes the gaps between development and operations, and brings agility and flexibility to the development process. New technologies, such as software-defined networking or Ansible continuous delivery, allow us to achieve maximum automation. . We can also offer cloud-based solutions thanks to our DevOps.

IT infrastructure / architecture and system engineering

Unbeatable time-to-market, efficiency, and Swiss quality are our guiding principles when engaging in Agile communication with our clients to produce groundbreaking solutions. As an innovation leader, we are committed to using state-of-the-art technologies, including Docker or blockchain, to ensure optimal security, scalability, high availability, and portability for you. Our wide range of capabilities, covering networking, operating systems, virtualization, IT security, and client engineering, allow us to tailor solutions to your individual needs.

Employees of ti&m drawing graphics while working.


Want to learn more about our services and skills? We’re happy to answer any questions or respond to any issues you may be facing.