Security Suite

Security suite

Strong authentication for web & mobile

In a digitalized environment, it is hard to find security and authentication solutions that are both sophisticated and easy to use. The ti&m security suite covers all digital authentication and authorization requirements with flexible modules in a single product. We guarantee maximum usability and the highest security across all channels.
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Strong authentication for web & mobile

All too many business see the integration of authentication solutions as a burden rather than an opportunity. But ti&m, known for its digitalization and security expertise, has launched a solution that covers the entire range of omnichannel security in a single product and puts the user’s needs center stage.

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Two-factor authentication and risk- based authentication

The ti&m security suite is a user-friendly two-factor authentication system that can be combined with a risk-based authentication approach. ti&m is the leading provider of this risk-based authentication technology in Switzerland. The technology allows the authentication process to be given a risk ranking based on user behavior, thus enabling fast recognition of anomalies or attacks.

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Mobile First = User First

An ideal alternative to independently developed and often vulnerable security solutions such as mTAN, the suite provides a complete package of components and services that ensures effective (and mobile) authentication for modern omnichannel platforms.

There is high demand today for security solutions that are designed to meet situation-specific requirements and are fully equipped for the future. Smartphones are an established element of our technicized society. So it simply makes sense to use these devices for authentication, instead of unwieldy, expensive proprietary hardware, which often requires additional interfaces such as USBs.

Product features

Six good reasons to rely on ti&m security suite for your security.

Usability First - Exceed the expectations of users

A solution is only secure if it is also user friendly. Solutions that obstruct users’ work will be avoided or bypassed. The best way to avoid this risk is to provide a solution that doesn’t provoke workarounds, because it is easy for the user to operate.

Based on standards - we believe in standardization

Opacity is harmful to security. Our implementations rely on standardized protocols and interfaces. Transparent, well-known, and proven security technologies form the basis of our products.

Designed for mobile - Full support for Rest Style Apps

Mobile applications interact differently to conventional web applications with users. ti&m security suite builds on the REST paradigm. It can be used to create powerful mobile applications efficiently and with ease.

Bulletproof - The best of both worlds

We combine the benefits of maintenance-friendly software with the security of hardware-assisted cryptography. The software enables quick and effective updates, including "over the air." So you can respond to new threats without delay. The hardware cryptography ensures that no one – including Trojans and viruses – can gain access to your protected security keys.

Expandable - The one-stop authentication solution

The ti&m security suite already addresses most authentication requirements. Client-specific requirements can be seamlessly integrated into the solution. We are constantly working on new challenges. What is your next challenge?

Quick to implement - Thanks to standardization and partnerships

Standards help to minimize the workload and costs associated with client-specific integration and development. With our technology partners and the available OEM integrations, we can also dramatically reduce the lead time.

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