Agile Projects

Agile implementation

Agility means speed, slimness and responsiveness in a complex world. Our Agile Consulting team will gladly help you to become even more successful so that you can benefit from the advantages of an agile approach.

  • Scrum/Kanban
  • Agile scaling
  • Agile transformation
Agilität gehört zu unseren Kompetenzen.


The most prominent frameworks used in an agile approach are Scrum and Kanban. They are based on the experience that software projects are often too complex and unpredictable to be fully planned. Through frequent and early feedback as well as regular interim results, the right corrections can be made early with these approaches. The benefits: shorter product launch times, better quality and risk reduction. In order to fully benefit from the advantages of agile frameworks, the underlying principles and agile mechanics must be understood. Our agile coaches support you and make your projects a success.

Agile scaling

Scrum is optimized for the deployment of single agile teams and initially does not provide a solution for deployment in large organizations. This demand has led to various approaches to scaling agile procedures, which also enable projects with more than five teams to benefit from the many advantages such as fast time-to-market, high customer satisfaction and rapid response to changes. Our coaches will actively assist you in the selection and implementation of the appropriate framework, such as SAFe, LeSS or Disciplined Agile.

Agile transformation

Agile frameworks are impressive in their simplicity and effectiveness. But what about the organization that is implementing this change? What is required is a paradigm shift that has far-reaching consequences for the organizational structure and processes of the company. Challenges such as the reallocation of tasks and competencies, the commitment of management and the interaction of self-organisation and self-administration have to be mastered. With our experienced coaches we help you to introduce all parts of the organization - from the employee to the C-level - into the agile world of thought - preferably bottom up and top down at the same time.