Agile Consulting

Agile trans4mation

Agility means speed, leanness and responsiveness in a complex world. Our Agile Consulting Team will be happy to help you become even more successful by breathing fresh air into your projects and getting the most from the principles of agility.

  • Agile groundwork
  • Agile diploma
  • Agile excellence
  • Scaled Agile
  • Agile trans4mation

Agile groundwork

Agility based on Scrum and Kanban. We enable agility throughout the lifecycle.

  • The “Agile maturity check”—find starting points in the organization
  • Evaluate the organization regarding the suitability of Scrum/Kanban
  • Train management, project leaders, team leaders, and teams
  • Provide support during the launch 

Agile diploma

We offer interactive training for all Agile frameworks.
“360° agile”—training for various levels of the organization

  • agile in 1:59 h
  • Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner 
  • Design thinking & Agile UX
  • Agile approach to software architecture 
  • Leading SAFe®, SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

Agile excellence

We increase quality in and around agile teams.

  • Test automation
  • Set up agile testing—methodically and technically
  • Set up automated testing infrastructure (TestLab, Mobile TestLab, cloud)
  • Test coordination
  • Coach/train existing testers
  • Testability of user stories

Scaled Agile

We use smart scaling, lean portfolios, and value streams to make your Agile organization even bigger.

  • “Smart Scaling”: the right mix of time-tested scaling frameworks Kanban / SAFe / LeSS / DAD / nexus
  • Coaching by our certified Product Owners, Scrum Masters, release train engineers, Agile business analysts, and Agile test engineers

Agile trans4mation

We implement agility wherever digitalization is underway.

  • “Agile Maturity Check” 
  • “Agile Strategy Process” 
  • Coaching for Agile culture, strategy, leadership, and governance
  • “Smart transformation”—iterative, appropriate, goal-oriented
  • Support for upper management
  • Set up Agile projects/products
  • Coach project managers

Why ti&m?

ti&m offers a team with drive, experience, and proven methods. For agility in your company.



9+ successful transformation projects


Strong and effective 

Consulting team includes 18+ Agile consultants 


Quick and precise

Solid experience and up-to-date methods


Individually tailored solutions

We guarantee acceptance and maximum effectiveness

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