Artificial Intelligence

Even today, your data can be used to optimize and automate processes, identify opportunities, increase customer loyalty, avoid errors and mistakes, recognize fraud, delegate tasks, evaluate potential and/or risk, and create products and services that are totally new and innovative.
special AI - ausrüsten
Get equipped

ti&m academy

  • Artificial Intelligence in 1:59 h
  • ti&m data scientist – how to think data
  • ti&m machine learning – how to build and train a model

A.I. meetups

  • ti&m A.I. Meetup
  • A.I. Code Camp

special AI - goldader
Locate the gold

We help you make use of the potential in the data you have. We show you how real-world problems can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence.
Let’s get started!

ti&m data exploration

  • Your data, your potential

ti&m intelligent UI 

  • Improving your customer interaction with A.I.

special AI - schürfen
Start digging

In very little time, we find the right methods and build a functioning prototype. We use your data to train machine-learning and deep-learning models up to product maturity.

From idea to innovation – Employing state-of-the-art technologies such as TensorFlow, MxNet, Keras, etc., we use cognitive systems and machine learning to evaluate solutions, either relying on the services of our partners Amazon and Google or building on-premise solutions ourselves.

special AI - schmelzen und prägen
Smelt and cast

We give your customers the power of A.I. A.I.-based models only unfold their full potential in the context of a customer-centered, integrated solution.  

ti&m Agile-based development in A.I.

  • Build/scale/succeed

ti&m channel suite
Ready-to-use components

  • Voice banking
  • DigiDoc
  • Onboarding
  • 1:1 marketing

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