Digital Design


Innovations through emotions, creativity and simplicity - We offer conception, design and consulting for an excellent user experience of your digitisation projects.

  • UI-Design
  • UX-Design
  • Design Thinking
ti&m ist stark in Design.


The task of User Interface Design (UI) is to make interaction with the user as simple and efficient as possible. This includes the correct use of typography, colors, shapes and animations. When designing the user interfaces, the seamless presentation on all end devices (responsive design) as well as accessibility are taken into account.


User Experience Design (UX) focuses on the user experience: Is the product useful, easy to use and also meets aesthetic requirements? We analyze the user group and their needs. Methods such as personas, empathy maps or screenflows are used to make results tangible. Iteratively, solutions are now developed and validated with prototypes on the target group.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the method to develop tailor-made software solutions for a specific target group. Find the right problem and develop the right solution: "Empathize" (understanding the user and the user environment) -- "Define" -- "Ideate" -- "Prototype" (working out the best ideas on real prototypes) -- "Testing" means the phases that are characteristic for this process.