Innovation Hosting


We combine agility with Swiss quality, security and efficiency into a full service package for our customers and are therefore able to design entire business processes and operate them as an accompanying outsourcing partner.

  • Innovation Hosting and SaaS
  • Application Management
  • Devops and Cloud
  • IT Infrastructure / Architecture and System Engineering
Zu den Kompetenzen der ti&m gehört Hosting.

Innovation Hosting and SaaS

Vertical integration - as a Swiss Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, we operate two state-of-the-art data centers and meet the highest standards of security and high availability. Our solutions are FINMA compliant and PCI DSS certified. In cooperation with our global technology partners, we create innovative solutions. 

Application Management

We maintain the perfect balance between process and agility so that innovations can continue to grow. By bundling development and operation, we offer the optimal supply of an application. We monitor 24/7, maintain, improve and develop the application according to customer needs.

Devops and Cloud

Our DevOps closes the gap between development and operations and brings agility and flexibility to development. New technologies such as Software Defined Networking or Ansible Continuous Delivery enable us to achieve maximum automation. Thanks to our DevOps, cloud-based solutions become part of our offerings. 

IT Infrastructure / Architecture and System Engineering

Unbeatable time-to-market, efficiency and Swiss quality are our guiding principles for creating forward-looking solutions in an agile exchange with our customers. As innovation leaders, we rely on the latest technologies such as dockers or blockchain to ensure optimal security, scalability, high availability and portability for you. Our wide range of capabilities, including network, operating systems, virtualization, IT security and client engineering, round off our range of services to meet your individual needs.